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Emergency Mobile Services ®
In today's society, it's common for just about everyone you know to have a cell phone of some kind. We are currently living in a world that relies upon and is fueled by the technological advances, regardless of the cost. There is a mobile device for every type of person, and many are customizable to your specific needs. And when something goes wrong with these devices it's quite common for us to begin to go into a panic, and understandably so.
Just 10 years ago cellular phones and other electronic devices were not as highly complex as they are today​​. I would even venture to say that last 5 years have been the crowning moments of mobile devices, particularly cell phones. The devices of times past were much less expensive then the ones that exist in the world today, and they were a lot easier to replace. In the past, mobile repair companies weren't as abundant as they are today, which made it difficult for the busy america to get his/her device fixed in a timely fashion. Often times being subjected to the "mail-in and wait" method of repair. This required the owner to send their device in via the mail and wait up to several weeks to get the repaired device back. In a world like today where everyone is reliant on the everyday use of their phones, waiting several weeks is something many of us are just not willing to do let alone even consider it an option. 
​​​​ EMS® is an independent service that offers fast and fairly priced repair services. The average waiting time to get a cell phone or many other electronic devices repaired is an hour or less. If the repair would take longer than this, the owner would be notified that up front as to give them an option on whether or not our services are for them. Many mobile device owners get upset when their beloved phone or device receives any extensive amount of damage, however, ​​EMS® is capable of repairing phone water damage (more on this in our services tab) when a phone won't charge, a cracked screen, a broken gaming system and many other things that can go wrong with an electronic device. ​​EMS® is fully capable of restoring a cell phone with damage back to the condition it was before it received the damage. And if we are unable to fix it, we will gladly point you in the direction of someone who can! We are here to ensure that YOUR satisfaction is of the highest priority. 
​​EMS® ​repairs are available of most popular phone models. We are more than happy to perform iPod repair, iPad repair, XBox repair, Playstation repair, Wii repair, Samsung repair, Blackberry repair, iPhone repair, HTC repair, and much more!
Since there is an alarming number of electronic sales each year, the demand for a repair technician that offers a competitive warranty and follow up services is in high demand and will continue to rise. ​​EMS® ​will continue to grow and offer their amazing walk-in cellphone and electronic device repair services, as well as mail-in services. With their low prices and speedy but effective services, ​​EMS® is a name you can fully trust with just about all of your electronic repair needs. Call us TODAY!

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